How Spray Tan Machines Work

by admin on June 17, 2009

Who doesn’t want a healthy looking glow of a tan, and who has the time to lay out in the sun to get that tan? Not many, our lives are full of work, family, and errands. So an alternative to laying out in the sun is to get on a spray tan machine. So how does this actually work? Using a spray tanning machine is not at all that difficult, it’s actually very simple. There are different types of a spray tan machine.

An air-brush tan is a spray of liquid known as DHA (dihydroxyacetone) that is applied to the body by a spray of an air-brush gun that will give your skin that bronze look, using a hvlp spray tan machine.

Aerosol Spray
This spray tan is applied with an aerosol can with the liquid DHA. This is an easy, safe way to get that bronze glow with out harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays and can be applied via a tan spray machine.

Mist Spray
This spray tan is sprayed on the skin much like the aerosol spray but without the aerosol. This is usually done by a pump mist bottle. This is also a safe, easy way to get a tan. Just make sure that you spray with even strokes to avoid that blotchy look.

Spray tanning is an excellent way to get a tan fast and the safest way. By avoiding the sun’s harmful rays and saving time as well. You can get that perfect tan before an important event like the prom, a wedding, or your high school reunion. The tan can last up to 10 days before you will have to apply the spray tan again to keep that bronze look. But since it’s easy, it shouldn’t be a problem. Keep in mind that whenever applying any of these spray tan techniques, make sure that you shower and exfoliate before the spray tan application to make sure that your tan will come out looking even. Pay attention to applying less tanning spray to your knees and elbows, which these areas tend to look darker if applied the same as the rest of the body. So make sure that you wipe the excess tanning spray in these areas. Before you know it, you will have that tan you always wanted – aren’t spray tan machines great!

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